Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Voice Blasts Supervisor Then Bans Him From Posting

After battling back and forth for days with Supervisor Jones the Wallace Voice closed down their site preventing anymore posts. Except that is from cmp11 the admin of the site. cmp11 then preceded to blast away with the typical litany of false statements knowing that Supervisor Jones could not defend himself. This should be of no surprise, as no one has been able to respond freely in the past, because any posts that did not criticize the BOS were frequently deleted. So much for freedom of speech...


  1. Rob Jones was not banned from Wallace
    voice, this is an untrue statement. The site shut down for maintenance and only allowed those that asked to post to post. The only person who asked to post was Loppy Lizard the Salamander and we really prefer real "people" to post. If you check it out Rob Jone's posts are there for all to see. No censorship, no banning of real people.

  2. The voice claimed it was taking a spring break. Now it was down for maintenance? Always had a hard time keeping their story straight over there. Whatever the voice decides it was doing it shut everyone out in the middle of a debate with Supervisor Jones and left him no opportunity to respond. While cmp11 just went ahead as if the debate were still going adding posts and editing embarrassing statements. Same old same old. I guess we were all supposed to read her mind and know that if we said pretty please we would be let back in,even though the site was on vacation or down for maintenance (conveniently when she was losing the debate)? Give me a break. How come there are never any complaints by cmp11 about all of the anonymous users who post on the site bashing the board and anyone else shed doesn't like. The only people who need to show there true identities according to cmp11 are the people that disagree with her. But, alas she bans anyone that disagrees with her anyways. Banning is the only way to prevent the truth from getting out.

  3. The Voice shut down for maintenance and spring break. Rob could have asked permission to post, but he didn't. Nothing was edited that he posted. Only Loppy Lizard asked to post. Again, we like REAL names on the Voice, not Joannielovechachi etc. Your lack of integrity speaks for itself here. No visible people behind the site or the posts. Let's get really honest and post your name.

  4. First, the editing was the editing you were doing to your own posts, after you shut everyone out. The fact is everyone was shut out except you. How would they know that you would let a select few back in if they just asked nicely? Why didn't you alert people to the fact that you were still updating even though you had blocked everyone else and that you really were not on break, everyone else was on a forced break.

    If posting anonymously is such a crime, why do you do it? You jump in from time to time under bogus names, like these two posts when you got caught logging in as Question? when you were anonymously posting, but then when you logged into your cmp11 account it overlaid your real account name. busted. Nabble goes back and updates all anonymous posts you have made with your real name once you login or create an account.

    Look, now both posts show your real name, even though they used to have Question? But, anyone who has an RSS feed or email update setup has the original:

    Question? (via Nabble) - No Reply to me
    show details 12/25/08 Reply

    This doesn't make sense. Seems like putting money into the schoolhouse is a good idea, but we also need to work on putting money into land preservation. With Hankin and Greenfield there are precious acres left. If no property taxes means more development then we are in trouble and will become a Uwchlan look-a-like.

    View message @ http://n2.nabble.com/Open-Space-Referendum%3A--If-only-we-had-it-now-to-save-Wallace-tp1673843p1803127.html


    Question? (via Nabble) - No Reply to me
    show details 12/27/08 Reply

    Here it is: http://www.wallacetwp.org/2009%20Proposed%20Budget.pdf

    These are YOUR dollars, check out how they will be spent.

    View message @ http://n2.nabble.com/2009-Budget-Discussion---Dec.-29th-BOS-meeting-tp2015950p2015950.html

  5. Ok Rob. Who did you say runs this site? Where is it posted on the site?

  6. So everyone who disagreed with you was John L., now everyone is Rob. I guess since you are logging in under bogus names you are everyone who agrees with you. So the current conspiracy is all the posts are you and Rob. Got it. How about there are 3,400 people in Wallace and maybe more than 2 of them are going back and forth. Not quite as far fetched...

    Before this site went to blogspot it said it was run by Ward Albert and John Miller. I'm assuming that hasn't changed.

    So, you didn't answer my question, how come you are posting on your own site under different names? When you always blast people for doing the same thing? And, how come you locked everyone out of your site and kept posting and editing your own posts? Did you notify anyone that they could get access to the site if they asked nicely? Did you post that you were forcing everyone on break, except for you? Therefore, no one could respond?

  7. None of these accusations are true about my site, they are distortions as always to discredit me. But people know my intentions do not have ulterior motives. I am not a political candidate or hold a political job. I only care that the people of Wallace are not being misled by propaganda that all is fine and well in Wallace. It isn't and our tax dollars are not being spent judiciously. I have not seen a recent audit, but I'm hoping it will be posted soon. Am I to trust the supervisors who gained their positions through lying about the open space referendum and who received campaign donations from those they then hired once elected. These are public documents I would be happy to upload here. This is conflict of interest that has to be suspected in further conduct of business. There are salt of the earth people who were employees of the township who were competent and lost their jobs because of political reasons. Now they, and five police officers are out there trying to find jobs in this terrible economic time all because of the supervisors in Wallace. I can only think of one person who cares this much with the computer knowledge to spend all that time researching and trying to dig up dirt on me. If it isn't, who is it? I post my name, you do the same and then we can speak on a level playing ground. Every new topic here is anonymous. Ownership of the site switched from a company in Ca. to Co. No one but me has responded and that is only to defend myself from countless false accusations. Someone sure is on the defensive here because of their political career. Who are you? Please come out and show some integrity and stop accusing me of dishonesty, the very thing you are perpetuating.