Monday, June 12, 2006

Daily Local "Open Records Request Denied"

==> Daily Local Article "Open Records Request Denied"
(Thanks to Stu Frederick for the link)
This is a great article; however, this article does not go into the inherent problem we are seeing. Before supervisor McDonaugh took office there was full access for supervisors to documents. Now since supervisor McDonaugh has taken office there is a political environment to obstruct him from doing his job. Allowing an outside solicitor to conveniently decide township policy on open records, at his whim, based on each of supervisor McDonaugh's requests, is at the very least a serious lack of leadership! The township supervisors themselves should step up and create a clear and public policy. Not a closed door, case by case, moving target set by a lawyer who does not live in the township. The supervisors have complete and total authority to set and make policy in this area. Let's put this to rest with a clear resolution defining a clear policy!

Friday, June 9, 2006


Thanks everyone for coming out. We think overall the meeting went really well. Unfortunately, supervisor's Shields and Boch are still refusing supervisor McDonaugh access to important documents which he has every right to see. What legal power they have to deny supervisor McDonaugh access to documents is yet to be explained. They certainly could not come up with any substantive reasons for the denials of documents. We firmly believe they should all have equal access to documents.

But, the important thing is they now know that they are being watched by the residents and the residents are willing to come out and voice their concerns. That is a big deal and you should all be proud of your effort. We promise to monitor this situation closely, and assure you we will not give up until there is equal and total access to township documents for all three supervisors. Thanks again! You sent a message, loud and clear!

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Our Latest Letter...

Please come out this Wednesday to show support for "open government" and "freedom of information". We are hopeful that our supervisors will stand up and vote in agreement to allow ALL three Wallace supervisors to view ANY documents, ANYTIME. Our goal is to see our supervisors have full access to information, and in that spirit, to equally and cooperatively work together to serve the residents of Wallace township.

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Earlier today...
Here is the mapquest link to the new township building. We'll post some more information up here later tonight (see above). Hope you all found the mailing well. We plan to have some more updates heading up to the meeting this Wednesday and some updates after the meeting to talk about where we go from here.
==> Township Building Location

You can use this link to type in your address to get directions to the township building, if you prefer. There is a sign right off of 282 at the entrance to the property. Just follow a rather long driveway to the top of the hill. Show up early or parking will be at a premium. See you there!