Wednesday, March 11, 2009

School House Grant - $35,000 Approved!

The grant applied for by the BOS to restore the Indiantown School House on fairview road was finalized and approved by the State. The much needed $35,000 will be used very soon to replace the dilapidated roof. A bid package is to go out soon for vendors to bid on replacing the roof with new cedar shingles, installing gutters, and basically renewing everything on the school house above the stucco. Any monies left over from the roof replacement project will be used on repairing other exterior wear. It was noted by the engineers who reviewed the current condition of the bell tower that it was in no danger of falling off the roof. This dispelled another rumor spread on our favorite blog.


  1. Twice at least it was brought to the BOS attention last fall ion that the schoolhouse was in vast disrepair. The Historical commission folks even read a letter about how the belltower was falling off the schoolhouse and their concern it may hurt someone. So this is not rumour, but merely paying attention to what is said at the meetings. Whether it is in the minutes is hard to tell since they are not officially, mechanically recorded as most twps do. But anyone from the Historical Commission will verify this was a concern, not a rumour and we're all happy to see that it is ok.

  2. The previous comment was from myself, not melanoma international, the google identity was wrong. There is no way to edit or post a new topic on this site.