Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How are things going with the State Police?

To be of assistance to area residents, we have decided to have a section devoted to the monthly reports given by the State Police. We thought it might be interesting to compare the statistical data with last year’s. Hopefully this will be of help to each of our residents. As part of our statistical reporting, if any concerns are expressed at the Board of Supervisors’ Meetings we will include a summary. It is our hope this will give every resident a complete and unbiased view.

A Monthly Reporting of Wallace Police Activity

Police Activity
Calls for Service and Traffic Activity
Police Activity
Calls for Service and Traffic Activity
January*146 26
February**161 26

*One concern expressed was the time delay in responding to traffic accidents on snowy days. Apparently the State Police prioritize accident calls on snowy days. Accidents that involve injuries to motorist are given top priority, not by time of the call. Hopefully, the Supervisors will monitor this carefully and respond accordingly as they continue to evaluate Police in Wallace Township.

**In February there was a runaway at Devereux School. The State Police brought in a helicopter to locate the student. We were told by the Supervisors that the State Police had resources that would be available when needed. This was definitely demonstrated in this instance.

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  1. So where are these statistics coming from? Is this a report from the BOS? It should be on the BOS website then rather than this site that is run by unknown entities. Comparing BRPD with PSP is like comparing apples with oranges. The services are entirely different in scope and hence the difference in stats.