Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DLN Article - Property Taxes Eliminated in Wallace Township

The article is really well written, although the title is pretty lousy. Why the news media always has to try to put a negative spin on things, or at least bury the good news and make it almost seem like bad news is always disappointing. If you just read the headline you might think the there was no more police coverage and something else in the article was going to address some sort of bad tax news. Like one of our local blogs sometimes you have a story line and you stick to it even when the facts contradict you...
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  1. In today's Daily Local News: "Depending on who you ask, officials in Wallace are either heroes or goats. With the new year, the township has two major changes: no property taxes and no local police coverage. Township supervisors adopted a 2009 budget last week that eliminates township property taxes. In addition, the budget excludes an allocation to the Brandywine Regional Police Department because the supervisors decided Wallace will rely on state police coverage instead. There are those residents who would prefer their own police department versus state police. We would tend to agree. No one knows a municipality like the cops who truly work there. Sorry, Thorns."

  2. Last Tuesday my son's best friend had a car accident near the go-cart track and the car was totalled. The boys are fine because of seatbelts, my point is they had to wait 2hours and 20 minutes for the State Police to arrive!!!!This is wrong,
    Mary Jacobsen