Saturday, June 3, 2006

Our Latest Letter...

Please come out this Wednesday to show support for "open government" and "freedom of information". We are hopeful that our supervisors will stand up and vote in agreement to allow ALL three Wallace supervisors to view ANY documents, ANYTIME. Our goal is to see our supervisors have full access to information, and in that spirit, to equally and cooperatively work together to serve the residents of Wallace township.

==> Out Latest Letter
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Earlier today...
Here is the mapquest link to the new township building. We'll post some more information up here later tonight (see above). Hope you all found the mailing well. We plan to have some more updates heading up to the meeting this Wednesday and some updates after the meeting to talk about where we go from here.
==> Township Building Location

You can use this link to type in your address to get directions to the township building, if you prefer. There is a sign right off of 282 at the entrance to the property. Just follow a rather long driveway to the top of the hill. Show up early or parking will be at a premium. See you there!

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