Monday, June 12, 2006

Daily Local "Open Records Request Denied"

==> Daily Local Article "Open Records Request Denied"
(Thanks to Stu Frederick for the link)
This is a great article; however, this article does not go into the inherent problem we are seeing. Before supervisor McDonaugh took office there was full access for supervisors to documents. Now since supervisor McDonaugh has taken office there is a political environment to obstruct him from doing his job. Allowing an outside solicitor to conveniently decide township policy on open records, at his whim, based on each of supervisor McDonaugh's requests, is at the very least a serious lack of leadership! The township supervisors themselves should step up and create a clear and public policy. Not a closed door, case by case, moving target set by a lawyer who does not live in the township. The supervisors have complete and total authority to set and make policy in this area. Let's put this to rest with a clear resolution defining a clear policy!

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